A BIG “Barndoggler” Hello

Hello friends, both old and new.  The pace of life today is fast and full.  Work, family, relationships, and all those daily tasks fill almost every hour of the day, leaving little time for relaxation—let alone reflection.  I think everyone stops once in a while and thinks, “You know, things were better back in the day”. But, of course, every generation has had its hardships and struggles.  Our generation is no different—except that in so many ways we have benefitted from the earlier generations’ efforts.

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Because we can recognize that each generation of Americans has strived to make the future better than the past, we continue to look towards tomorrow and believe that each of us has the chance to achieve great things through hard work and fortitude. Greatness comes in many forms.  But it really just boils down to being the best at doing what it is that you do.  Greatness builds from pride in your family, career, community and country.


Our mission at Barndogglers is to bring some of that past greatness into today through repurposing architectural materials.  We will bring to you interesting stories arising from these artifacts–histories of ordinary people that somehow become extraordinary. And we want to hear and share your stories.  Thank you for paying us a visit.

Amicitiae nostrae memorium spero sempiternal fore.