Barndogglers EP 4: Follow the Redwood to Fargo

The economy of Fargo is booming; there’s no better way to describe it. Nearly 10 people are moving to Fargo every day. With such an influx of people moving to the windy northern plains the demand for homes is great and home construction is thriving.

VanDoren in Studio
Travis VanDoren

In Fargo the Barndogglers have made a new friend of custom home builder, Travis VanDoren owner of VanDoren Building Co. Travis has built a home on the prairie that is truly a work of art. In fact, one might consider Travis more of an artist than a builder. Artists name their paintings; Travis names the homes he builds. This home is named after a prairie grass native to the area called “Dudley’s Rush”. Dudley’s Rush’s story began two years ago as Travis started sketching one late night at his “garage style” studio.

 The initial design was modest. But as planning progressed and construction began, Travis began to realize the home’s potential. His vision of some unique architectural details eventually led Travis to meet the Barndogglers. Travis wanted to use reclaimed barn wood for an entryway accent. This wood would be displayed like a recessed painting with back lighting. The most important thing to Travis was that the wood be authentic, that it had a story to tell, and that it’s history would live on in Dudley’s Rush. Oh, and it should also be beautiful. This is exactly the type of project the Barndogglers enjoy helping the most.

The Klassen Barns Redwood Has a New Home at Dudley's Rush
The Klassen Barns Redwood Has a New Home at Dudley’s Rush

Come “Follow the Redwood to Fargo” as Mike Burke takes Travis out Barndoggling to the Klassen barn where Travis finds the material he needs to create his art. The redwood from the Klassen Barn will live on in Fargo.