Reclaimed Lumber Artwork by Melissa Ozment

The Barndogglers are excited to introduce Melissa Ozment as a featured artist. Melissa is a local artist and sculptor who has a unique impressionistic style. She makes bold use of color and form with spectacular results using the Barndogglers repurposed media.

Melissa will paint on almost any medium the Barndogglers can provide , whether barn siding, doors, window sashes, or galvanized metal. Melissa comes from a small town and relates to all the products the Barndogglers dig up. All of Melissa’s works are unique and show the spirit and emotion that only a true artist possesses. There is nothing clichéd or derivative with the combination of Melissa’s and the Barndogglers art. Every piece has a history and a story. All pieces are original and one of a kind, discovered and crafted by hand.

Besides being a great artist, Melissa is a proud mother of two lively children, Irelyn, 6 and Landon, 4. She works from home painting while raising two active children. The Barndogglers support all mothers in all occupations and are proud to be participating at the Mother’s Day Bazaar in Eau Claire, WI May 2nd as a tribute to all Mothers.  Mike from Barndogglers still on the line.